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At Lobel, Neue & Till, LLP, our focus is on resolving financial problems for businesses and individuals in Los Angeles County, Orange County and throughout Southern California.

Whether your financial problems originated from a business losing its market, expanding too fast, running into trouble with a government agency, being hit with a judgment or any number of other challenges, we are the law firm to turn to when losing is not an option. We have the strength to protect property and defend legacies, while modifying or eliminating financial obligations. Contact our Orange County firm to learn more about your bankruptcy options.

"One of the things that makes me most proud is when I drive down the 55, 405 or 5 freeway and see all of the businesses that continue to operate as a result of my efforts, together with the owners' efforts, to resolve financial difficulties. In the difficult economic times that presently exist, people in general are more understanding of the need for companies and individuals to file bankruptcy." — Attorney William Lobel in his interview with OC Metro.

Experienced Chapter 11 Lawyers in Los Angeles

Even when we successfully assist a client in resolving financial problems through Chapter 11 bankruptcy, we do not consider it a true victory. Chapter 11 is expensive in terms of money and time, and in terms of diverting a management team's attention from its focus on running the business. To us, a true victory is avoiding bankruptcy through debt workouts and restructuring, or other means, and still resolving the financial problems.

While we are lawyers, we know that the law is only one arrow in our quiver. With more than 40 years of experience, we have many arrows. We have the arsenal necessary to properly address any financial challenge.

Business and Real Estate Litigation

If you are involved in a business or real estate dispute, it is in your best interests to address the dispute promptly. Doing so can help you avoid unnecessary or further damage to your business or to yourself.

Our firm's attorneys have experience litigating a variety of cases. We can protect your personal and financial interests when you are involved in a contract dispute, partnership dispute, construction dispute, or other business dispute or real estate dispute.

Learn more about our practice areas, including Chapter 11 bankruptcy, business litigation and real estate litigation.

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To learn more about how we can help with Chapter 11 bankruptcy/corporate restructuring, or resolving your business dispute, contact our Southern California business bankruptcy lawyers at 949-791-9642 or contact us via e-mail.